How our platform helps you find your next agent

“Quick, fast, and I found a great agent” - REcent home seller

First, what is AgentVet? AgentVet is an online platform that helps consumers find and interview real estate agents. Built by leaders in real estate and technology, we’ve helped thousands of consumers find their next agent. All this experience allows us to have data on what questions to ask, how to ask them, and to understand the process better than anyone else. When you create your free interview room on our site, you can tap into all this experience and choose your next agent for all the right reasons.

Our platform has been built with simplicity and results in mind. To create a room, we just ask some basic information about you, and then you’re taken to a page where you can invite your own agents. We will also invite a few top partner agents to join as well. Every agent is asked a set of questions that we know will help you choose the best one. Sometimes, the best agent is not the one who’s sold the most homes in your area - it could be a slightly less experienced agent who will be 100% dedicated to only your home and interests. An interview is really the best way to find out. Our platform helps identify who the top agent for you is.

On top of all this, our platform is completely free for you and any agents you invite. This helps make sure the interview process isn’t biased and that agents cannot pay to be promoted in any way. We’ll help move the interview along quickly, and you should be able to choose an agent within a day. Considering this agent will be representing your home, why would you not interview several to get the best one for you?

Our free online platform helps you find and interview agents.