How to interview a real estate agent

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Interviewing has never been pleasant or easy. In fact, most people avoid it in spite of overwhelming evidence that interviewing works. Since it’s your home at stake - and a huge financial decision - you want to make sure the agent that you work with will be an asset and not a liability. So what tips do we have to interview a real estate agent?

You want to interview a handful, at least 3 but preferably no more than 6. You want to make sure that the playing field is the same for each agent. That means asking them the same questions, at the same time, while giving them the same information about yourself. If the interview process is biased, the results will not be fair.

Next, you want to make sure that the questions you ask are insightful. Agents should be asked to justify their commission cost and should be able to produce a coherent pitch of why you should work with them.

Finally, you want to pay attention to how they respond to the questions. Good agents will know that this is a two-way process, and that their answers should be qualified by emphasizing that they will keep your interests and preferences above all. In fact, by not emphasizing this two-way aspect of communication in the questions themselves, you’ll see which agent instinctively knows to include this approach in their responses. At the end of the day, the agent you choose must not only be qualified, but dedicated to your interests. This is all too easy to miss if you hire an agent without interviewing them first.

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