Selling your home? Interview your listing agent

Interviewing is your best defense to avoid the bad agents

Deciding to sell your home is a huge decision, and the right agent by your side will make it a smooth process. However, the wrong agent will help you lose tens of thousands of dollars. Choose your agent wisely.

Interviewing is the single best defense you have to avoid the bad agents. Once you sign a contract with an agent, it’s rather difficult if not impossible to cancel it. Asking friends and family is a good first step, but you really want to get a few different agents competing for your business from a level-playing field. This is what interviewing accomplishes.

You should also understand that currently there are too few homes that are available for sale. You have the strong bargaining position when choosing your agents, and you should not rush the decision. Conversely, agents are hungry for your listing business and will want to pressure you to sign quickly before you can talk with other agents. The best agents will sell your home as though they are selling their own home. They will be patient and listen to your concerns and preferences. They will not be overly pushy in getting you to sell to the first bidder or use fear tactics to accomplish this. There are many buyers in today’s market.

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