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About AgentVet

AgentVet is a nationwide service to help consumers find their next real estate agent. We're part of Casaide Inc., a leading technology-focused real estate brokerage. We have deep expertise in residential real estate, and having worked and managed agents directly, we know the process from all sides. We're experts at interviewing real estate agents because this is what we had to do ourselves.

Our mission is simple: connect consumers to the right agents. We want to help the best agents earn more business based on merit - not advertising spend. Likewise, we want to pair up consumers with top agents who know how to exceed expectations.


Everything happens through our web platform, and our digital "interview room" is the focal point of all interaction. Our approach emphasizes ease, transparency, and results.

There are two main steps to get started:
1) Consumers create an interview room and may invite their own agents; we will invite a few top agents to join as well. It's completely free for consumers and for the agents that the consumer invites.
2) All agents respond to our questions, and the consumer sees their responses. Transparency and freedom from bias are really important to us here. Once the results are in, the consumer makes an informed decision of who to choose.

The result? Our customers are unanimously happy with the agents they chose through this quick process. Agents are happy at how easy and fast this is. We invite you to see for yourself.

If you're an agent, visit the Agent page to join our network.

About AgentVet